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Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is a unique gemstone used in jewelry that has many variations in color and also a wide value range.  Turquoise mines across the world yield stones that differ in quality and variety.  The price of a turquoise stone also depends on the demand for that particular variety. If you are interested in buying genuine turquoise jewelry or the gemstone, it would be advisable to buy it from a jeweler that has been in an established business with a good reputation.

Turquoise Stabilization

Almost all turquoise jewelry is made with gemstones that have been stabilized.  Natural turquoise is usually too soft and porous to be utilized as jewelry.  The stabilization process of a turquoise stone takes place by submerging it into a stabilizing compound like epoxy resin.  As a result, the natural action of the stones capillaries draws the stabilizing compound into the gemstone. The stone is dried and now can be drilled, cut etc. to be used as jewelry.  Artisans are able craft turquoise jewelry with tiny beads for example because of the stabilization process.

Color Stabilization

Color stabilization is when a turquoise stone is infused with color to enhance the existing color of the gemstone.  This process may reduce the value of the gemstone.

Fake Turquoise

Most fake turquoise is made from plastic.  An easy way to tell if the turquoise is fake is by putting a hot needle/pin in contact with the material.  When the pin touches the surface of the material it will give off an unmistakable smell of resin and will leave a deep mark in the material if it is made from plastic.

Cleaning Turquoise Jewelry

Do not use soap, cleaning solutions, or perfume on your turquoise jewelry because it can harm the jewelry. 

To clean your turquoise jewelry, you can use a soft cloth to wipe away any loose dirt.

You can add a little water to soften the cloth and polish the stone by rubbing it gently.  Then use a dry cloth to dry the stone.  This will eliminate any moisture after cleaning the stone.

Storing and Wearing Turquoise Jewelry

Be sure to keep turquoise jewelry away from other precious stones, especially diamonds, because one stone may leave scratches on another.

When you take off your turquoise jewelry please make sure to use the metal clasp and do not pull on the turquoise.

Remove turquoise rings before putting on cream or lotion.  Remove turquoise jewelry before using essential oils.  Even your natural skin oil can affect the color turquoise jewelry over time.

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