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Quality Items At Discount Prices! New Items Listed All Week Long.

For the past several years we have been selling Native American Indian fetishes jewelry crafts and artwork.  The most common question has been "Do you have a website?"  Now authentic Zuni, Hopi, Santo Domingo and Navajo jewelry and crafts are available at reasonable prices.  We buy new products throughout New Mexico every 3-4 weeks.  Please contact us if there is anything in particular that you are looking for and we will try to find it for you!  Remember the price listed is the selling price.

10/10/18 2 new Zuni fetishes were listed: 1 Zuni green turquoise & jet walking horse signed Carol Martinez (7436) and 1 Zuni jet, turquoise, pipestone wolf fetish signed Steve Natachu (7437).

10/11/18 Today 2 new Zuni fetishes were listed:  1 Zuni red onyx and turquoise spirit line mountain lion fetish signed Kenric Laiwakete (7438) and 1 jet turquoise pipestone mountain lion fetish signed Emery Boone (7439).

!0/31/18 Today 3 new fetishes were listed:  1 Zuni green onyx & turquoise spirit line horse fetish signed Bernard Laiwakete (7440), 1  Zuni brown red, orange onyx & turquoise bear fetish signed Emery Eriacho (7441) and 1 Zuni yellow, brown onyx and turquoise bear signed Emery Eriacho (7442).

11/12/18 Today 2 new fetishes were listed:  1 brown onyx and brown blond onyx, turquoise 2 bear family signed Emery Eriacho (7443) and i brown blond onyx and turquoise spirit line bear fetish signed Bernard Laiwakete  (7444)

12/3/18 Today 2 new Zuni fetishes were listed: 1 onyx & turquoise bear fetish signed Emery Eriacho (7445) and 1 Picasso marble & turquoise raven fetish signed Colin Weeka (7446).

12/4/18 Today 1 Zuni turquoise Zuni sunface bear signed Darrin Boone was listed (7447).

12/14/18 Today 3 additional fetishes were listed:  1 Zuni rainbow calsilica & turquoise bear fetish by Emery Eriacho (7449), 1 Zuni red dolomite & turquoise horse fetish signed Tim Lementino (7450 and 1 Zuni yellow calcite & turquoise bear fetish signed Daphne Quam (7451).

1/20/19 Today 2 new fetishes were listed:  1 Zuni brown onyx turquoise bear fetish signed Emery Eriacho (7452) and 1 large Zuni brown red onyx turquoise spirit line bear fetish signed Kenric Lawaikete (7453).

2/15/19 Today, 3 new Zuni fetishes were listed: 1 No 8 turquoise & jet bear fetish signed Alex Tsethlikai (7454), 1 No 8 turquoise * jet turtle fetish signed Alex Tsethlikai (7455) and 1 Zuni shed antler, turquoise & coral dancing and smiling bear fetish signed Claudia Peina (7456).

New items will be listed next week if not before.Thanks for looking!  Susie.   Also check out my Etsy store .

 Native American artists include:

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